Workplace Disability Play

Connor’s Hard Work is an interactive theatre experience about workplace disability and how to navigate the complexity of it and support employees legally and ethically.

This play can be performed as a stand-alone experience up to 2 hrs in duration, or it can be incorporated into the half day EEO & Anti-bullying workshop. The aim is to provide an engaging, impactful alternative for employees from the often dry, power-point presentation related to sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying.

How can you get employees to engage in training so that it not only creates awareness but translates to a cultural change?

Our new play on workplace disability “Connor’s Hard Work” provides employees with an easy to understand, common sense approach to assessing their own behaviours and those of other staff.

The play is a unique, meaningful, interactive approach that allows the audience to engage with the content and the heart behind the characters while understanding their legal responsibilities in relation to supporting people with a disability, through workplace/reasonable adjustments and what happens when this doesn’t occur (discrimination). The result is an impactful, heartfelt change in relation to people with a disability.

The play was created to provide a safe and impactful environment where participants experience a range of emotions through watching the characters interact with each other and also the audience.

Public Courses

Our next public courses in Perth are as follows:

Contact Officer Workshop

Date: 19th March 2024
Venue: TBC
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Grievance Officer Workshop

Date: 16th April (Day 1), 23rd April 2024 (Day 2)
Venue: TBC
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Grievance Officer Report Writing Workshop

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