Workplace Bullying Play

‘Much Ado About Hector’ is an interactive, theatre based play which allows workshop participants to explore the complexities of workplace bullying. The audience sees the behaviours unfold before their eyes, and have an opportunity to influence the actions of the characters as the story unfolds.

Workplace bullying is a complex issue which is often misunderstood. What one person sees may not be what another person sees. Perception, limited information, and emotions affect whether an incident is identified and how it is managed.

Changes to how bullying is handled commenced from 1 January 2014 under the Fair Work Act 2009. These changes place greater responsibilities on employers to have grievance procedures in place and to follow them.

This unique play offers a creative avenue for your organisation to educate your managers and staff about workplace behaviours and the consequences. It works well with a small group right up to a conference size audience.

“Much Ado About Hector”

What people say about this course

ChrisDepartment of Transport

This was the most outstanding Workshop I have attended. The information was presented in an entertaining but informative manner. The facilitator was brilliant and so knowledgeable. The actors were so good I forgot that I was watching an act as my emotions got well and truly stirred.

Stephanie knightScotch College

Best workshop I have ever done. Very interactive, very engaging and just enjoyable. Highly recommended. Wish we could do them all like this.

Markus MundayTeacher, Scotch College

This was an incredible workshop that I have learned a lot from. The facilitator was amazing, the actors were engaging, and the information was relevant. I now know, and can advocate for, my own rights and those of others. Highly recommend!.

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