What’s Been Happening in Australia in Relation to Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying from 30 April – 6 May 2018

New Survey Shows Ageism Prevalent in Workplaces
The Benevolent Society has released the results of its survey on the prevalence of ageism in the workplace. The respondents, of whom more than 1000 were over 50 years old, spoke about how age-based discrimination often played an active part of their lives. Such discrimination commonly took the form of jokes, comments and patronising behaviour if they failed to understand something. Moreover, 35% of respondents claimed to be excluded from work conversations and conferences because of their age. When applying for work, some were told, “no one can work here if they’re born before 1960”, or that they were “too old to be employable”. Discrimination appeared to be more common at the early stages of looking for work in comparison to respondents who were actually employed.

Virgin Plans to Increase Female Pilots
Virgin Australia has plans to reach a 50:50 gender split in its pilot cadetship program. This comes as the airline seeks to encourage more females to take up aviation as a career and boost the number of females in the upper ranks. Lucinda Gemmell, the group executive for people, said that worldwide, women constituted only “three per cent of pilots”. Rob Sharp, the group executive for airlines, echoed this sentiment, describing Virgin’s current “pilot ratio [as] also largely male”. Qantas is pursuing a similar initiative to expand the place of female pilots. The challenge to reach parity is particularly pressing given the predicted future demand.