What’s Been Happening in Australia in Relation to Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying from 25 – 31 July 2022

Can Employers, Like NRL Clubs, Direct Players In Contradiction To Their Beliefs?

This week, seven players from Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles refused to wear the pride jersey that displayed the rainbow flag. The controversy has sparked employment law questions around the extent to which an employer can direct an employee to promote, or be involved in, a cause, message or campaign to which the employee objects? It also raises questions about the balancing act between religious freedom and LGBT+ rights.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet Dumps Minister Eleni Petinos Amid Turbulent Period For His Government

New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet has dismissed one of his ministers after allegations of bullying came to light. The Minister for small businesses and fair trading, Eleni Petinos, has denied the accusations but apologised for any unintentional offence or discomfort she may have caused anyone. The Premier dismissed Petinos in a short statement on Sunday, stating her “service as a minister will cease with immediate effect, and I will write to the Governor in this regard tomorrow.”

Senior Cardiologist Lodges Case With Federal Court Arguing Suspension During Bullying Investigation At Canberra Hospital Was Unfair

A senior cardiologist, Muayad Alasady, has taken legal action to oppose an investigation by Canberra Hospital into bullying and misconduct claims. Mr Alasady was suspended in March as part of the formal investigation into allegations of bullying and outbursts that arose in a 2020 report. His argument is that the investigation denies procedural fairness and that the Federal Court should revoke his suspension. This marks the second submission by a doctor from the Canberra cardiology ward to the Federal Court regarding the investigation.

‘Ansett Old Boys’ Club’: Virgin Pilot Details Hrdlicka Bullying Claims

More details have emerged relating to the bullying allegations against Virgin Australia’s chief executive, Jayne Hrdlicka. The former chief pilot claims that he was bullied by Ms Hrdlicka when she referred to him as “another one of the Ansett old boys’ club”. These details were brought to light in a statement of claim filed on 20 July as part of his Fair Work proceeding. Virgin Australia has defended Ms Hrdlicka. The claimant also contends that Ms Hrdlicka blamed him when Virgin’s proposed enterprise agreements were not supported by the pilots at the company.

‘My Jaw Hit the Floor’: Report Shows Sexual Harassment Is Rife In Film And TV

A new report titled A Wider Lens has been published by the Australian Cinematographers Society showing that sexual harassment is alarmingly prevalent in the Australian film and TV industry. The report included data from a survey that was conducted, with responses from over 600 camera professionals. The results showed that sexual harassment was “routine” before filming was suspended as a result of COVID-19. The research focused on “camera workforce development and diversity” with a specific interest in cinematographers and other camera team members. The report found that 80 percent of camera crews are male; 83 percent are heterosexual; 63 percent are Anglo-Celtic; and 72 percent are over the age of 35. An overwhelming majority of respondents who were women or part of a minority group stated that they did not report bullying, harassment or discrimination out of fear of it negatively affecting their careers.