What’s Been Happening in Australia in Relation to Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying from 23 – 29 April 2018

Research Shows Increasing Gender Parity in Australian Workforce Could Boost the Economy
Research by McKinsey & Company has illustrated the potential for greater gender parity in the workforce to boost the Australian economy. Currently, the Philippines, Singapore and New Zealand rank higher than Australia in terms of workplace gender equality. The research has highlighted that improving this ranking could potentially boost the economy by 12% by 2025. However, it is a particularly difficult issue to resolve given the high cost of childcare, and the fact that men earn more than women, which discourages mothers from going back into work once they have children. To retain women in work the research suggested introducing tax incentives and greater flexibility in work, as well as emphasising a change in social attitudes, which currently see women as primary carers of the household. A spokesperson for the Minister of Women said the Commonwealth government would spend billions of dollars in an attempt to improve the state of gender parity in the workforce.

Sergeant Dismissed for 10 Years of Inappropriate Comments
The Victorian Police has dismissed a Sergeant in the transit safety division for derogatory and racist behaviour that endured for a decade. The officer, who remains anonymous, told one constable she had a “cracking a***”, referred to some colleagues as “homos”, and commented that other officers were not Australian. In a particularly egregious example of the conduct, he showed colleagues a weather map in the shape of a vagina with the words, “today’s forecast, moist”. The man contested his dismissal and claimed the behaviour was “harmless” and intended to promote camaraderie. However, the Police Registration and Services Board Victoria said the gravity of the disrespectful conduct was exacerbated by his own reluctance to change his behaviour.

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