What’s Been Happening in Australia in Relation to Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying from 22-28 November 2021

Half of Men in Corporate Australia Are Fatigued by Gender Equality

The results of a survey have been released, revealing that half of men working in corporate professions believe that reverse gender discrimination is occurring. Almost half of the men interviewed believe that there is too much discussion on gender equality in the workplace. The survey was conducted by The Dream Collective, which specialises in workplace consultancy. 52% of respondents believe that women are favoured for promotions and jobs on the basis of their gender. Despite the rising concern for ‘reverse discrimination’ among working Australian men, most do not feel worse off at work. The founder and director of The Dream Collective, Sarah Liu, says that these statistics show that people lack “sound understanding of what privilege is because for people with privilege, taking away that privilege feels like discrimination”. Ms Liu advocates for diversity and inclusion programs and the need to encourage men to engage in the conversation.

El Grotto: Scarborough Bar Reveals Outcome of Investigation Into Sexual Harassment Complaint

El Grotto, a bar in Perth, has released an apology following an investigation into a sexual harassment incident. On 19 November, a lesbian couple was propositioned by a highly intoxicated man while holding hands. The man said to the couple, “I’m more feminine than I am masculine, so come on, ladies. I’m a lesbian, too.” He then made sexually explicit comments and tried to hold their hands. The couple reported the incident to a security guard who informed the couple that the man had done nothing wrong because he had not touched them inappropriately. El Grotto has acknowledged that relevant processes were not followed in response to the incident.

Perth Modern School Suspends Principal Lois Joll and Deputy Val Furphy After Investigation

Two of Perth Modern School’s senior administration staff have been suspended following a formal review into the workplace culture. The principal and vice principal have been suspended after an investigation was conducted into workplace bullying. The Shenton College principal, Mike Morgan, is set to take over as interim principal for the remainder of 2021. An investigation into the inappropriate behaviour is currently being conducted by WorkSafe.

Employers ‘Anxious’ About Asking Employees to Disclose Disability

A royal commission has heard that employers are anxious to ask workers if they have a disability. This poses challenges for accurate data collection when trying to manage and boost diversity. People with disabilities constitute only 1% of the workforce for Australia’s largest 10 employers. Creating a workplace that is inclusive of people with disabilities is vital for the performance of Australia’s economy.

PM To Personally Introduce Religious Discrimination Bill, As Moderate Liberals Remain Concerned With Details

Scott Morrison has pledged to personally introduce a religious discrimination bill to federal parliament. This announcement was made despite modern MPs questioning the need for the legislation. The bill was first proposed during the 2017 marriage equality debate to afford protection for people of faith. The draft legislation was released on 23 November 2021. The bill will protect people and organisations that adhere to religious beliefs. The bill has attracted criticism, as people believe it legislates a right to discriminate, with particular consequences for the LGBTI+ community.