What’s Been Happening in Australia in Relation to Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying from 19-25 June 2017?

CEO of CPA Australia Terminated for Bullying
CPA Australia has announced an independent review of its affairs and the immediate termination of the contract of Chief Executive Officer, Alex Malley. These sweeping changes follow allegations made by three former employees to the effect that Mr Malley had engaged in workplace bullying. Mr Malley will be paid out $4.9 million in relation to the termination of his contract.

Allegation of Sexual Harassment by Greens Employee
Lauren Ingram has alleged that a former employee of the NSW Greens party sexually harassed her. Ms Ingram claims that the incident occurred in April 2015, at which time the individual was a member of the NSW Greens. Ms Ingram claims that the incident occurred when the individual started to get violent during consensual sex, bruising, biting and hitting her. Ms Ingram stated that despite reporting the incident to NSW Greens and the police, the party did not revoke the man’s membership. It is further alleged that four other complaints were submitted to the Greens about the man in question, ranging from sexual harassment to assault. Ms Ingram has stated that, since publicly reporting her story, five other women have contacted her, claiming that they have been harassed or assaulted by the same man. Debbie Gibson, Greens NSW co-convenor stated that the Greens party first received a formal complaint about the man in Feburary 2017, after which the man was suspended.