What’s Been Happening in Australia in Relation to Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying from 11 November 2019 – 18 November 2019

Survey Reveals Majority of People Who Witness Workplace Abuse don’t Report It
According to a whitepaper released by Spot – an artificial intelligence tool which allows people to anonymously report abuse – of the 79% of participants who had seen an incident of workplace harassment or discrimination, an astonishing 77% never reported the incident to human resources77% never reported the incident to human resources77% never reported the incident to human resources. The whitepaper, which highlighted the under-reporting issue, surveyed over 1,000 participants from the US, UK, and Australia. Psychologist Julia Shaw, who cofounded Spot, believes her team’s artificial intelligence tool is the key to encouraging more people to report what happens to them and others. While Shaw noted the many reasons people don’t speak up, she said it’s up to everyone to realise the power they may have over others, and that harassment is not an individual problem, but a structural one. ‘I think I was expecting intuitively, to some extent, that witnesses wouldn’t report because frankly I’ve witnessed things and not reported them, just like I’ve been the target and not reported them,’ Shaw told Business Insider. ‘So that’s why we wanted to investigate this, because they could be a huge resource currently untapped.’ The whitepaper found that the most common reason for not reporting, which was found among 34% of respondents, was fear of the consequences.

Conferences Discusses Issues Women Face in the Workplace
The Occupations and Industries Conference, an annual event which shines a light on the problems women face in occupational industriesshines a light on the problems women face in occupational industriesshines a light on the problems women face in occupational industries, was held last week at Devonport in Tasmania’s north-west. While the union-run conference heard that there had been improvements, it was evident that discrimination and sexist behaviour is still an issue in many workplaces. At the conference, Tasmanian chef Bonnie Crowe described how male colleagues continuously ‘talk about Viagra and their sex life.’ Another conference attendee ‘talked about being forced to look at pornography at work when she was one-on-one and new at her job and only young.’ Elaborating on her own experiences, Crowe said that ‘bullying and harassment are still massive issues across the board. Some things you wouldn’t even believe are happening, are happening every day.’ Conference organiser Michelle Myers said she was frustrated that stories of harassment had not changed during the event’s 25-year history. ‘It’s still the same harassment and isolation women are in when they’re the only woman in a workplace or on a job site or on a ship at sea,’ she said.

Employees Accuse Beauty Retailer, Mecca of Mistreatment
Former and current employees of beauty retailer, Mecca, have accused the cosmetic giant of running a business of discrimination, bullying, and favouritismdiscrimination, bullying, and favouritismdiscrimination, bullying, and favouritism. The popular Australian retailer was rocked by over 50 accounts of alleged mistreatment published to an anonymous social media account. The posts, claiming to be from former Mecca employees, detailed experiences of harassment from managers, racism towards staff, and a ‘toxic’ culture of favouritism and nepotism. The posts have prompted Mecca founder and owner Jo Horgan to pledge reform and review the company’s policies and practices. In a statement to staff, Ms Horgan said she was ‘deeply saddened’ to learn of the numerous allegations, and said the company was taking the claims seriously. ‘If we are not meeting these standards, we need to acknowledge this, apologise, and make the necessary changes,’ she added.

ALP Victorian Conference Reveal Complaints of Sexual Harassment and Bullying
The Australian Labor Party’s Victorian conference has revealed that senior party officials have had to confront an internal culture of sexual harassment and bullying. At the conference, outgoing state president, Hutch Hussein, revealed that more than 15 party members had come forward to complain about sexual harassment15 party members had come forward to complain about sexual harassment15 party members had come forward to complain about sexual harassment and bullying by fellow members. This included accounts of sexual harassment and assault, verbal abuse, spitting in women’s faces, intimidation and standover tactics. Ms Hussein confirmed that one alleged perpetrator had been expelled from the ALP and others suspended. ‘I want us to be a party where it’s not the victims who suffer and leave after a negative experience, but it’s the perpetrators who suffer the consequences and leave if necessary,’ Ms Hussein said.

Department of Communities Assistant DG on Corruption Charges
Paul Whyte (and another non government related person) have been charged with making false work related invoices and transferring the money into bank accounts they later accessed for personal use. The court heard police were investigating whether false invoicing totalling $20 to $25 millionfalse invoicing totalling $20 to $25 millionfalse invoicing totalling $20 to $25 million had taken place going back to 2008, associated with Mr Whyte’s previous roles as general manager of the Department of Housing and executive director of property registry agency Landgate. Mr Whyte has been stood down from his role pending criminal investigations. Bail was granted on Friday for both men and Mr Whyte was in hospital today after an incident at his home.

Craig McLachlan Charged with 16 Accounts of Indecent Assault Related to his Time Performing in the Rocky Horror Show
A Three week hearing has commenced in the Melbourne Magistrates Court during which 4 female victims will give evidence of being indecently assaulted by Craig McLachlanindecently assaulted by Craig McLachlanindecently assaulted by Craig McLachlan between mid April to Late July 2014 while performing in the Rocky Horror Musical Show. McLachlan has pleaded not guilty to all charges.