What’s Been Happening in Australia in relation to Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination from 16 December 2019 to 22 December 2019

Sacked AMP General Counsel Raises Issues of Bullying
Sacked AMP general counsel, Larissa Baker Cook raised the prospect of AMP executives being called as witnesses in her wrongful termination case.

Seeking $2.5m in compensation, Baker Cook’s barrister Kylie Nomchong claim that following her client’s mentioning the ‘fees for no service’ issue with AMP management, Baker Cook was “exposed to persistently and increasingly hostile, aggressive and intimidating behaviour by certain of her colleagues and superiors within the AMP Group which amounted to harassment and bullying”.

In its defence, AMP lawyers counter claim that Baker Cook downloaded AMP documents to her personal email address and was therefore responsible for “serious misconduct”.

Additionally, AMP alleges that AMP management was aware of Baker Cook bad-mouthing the AMP board and her boss David Cullen.
Nomchong has described the AMP allegations as “outrageous” and has identified a list of 20-25 witnesses who may be required to give evidence in the case, including AMP Chairman, David Murray, board member and former interim CEO Mike Wilkins, and ex-Chair Catherine Brenner.

Explanatory Memo for Religious Bill Released
The Australian Government has released an explanatory memorandum (EM) for the provisions of the second draft religious discrimination bill it hopes will be passed in Parliament.

The bill was introduced by Attorney General Christian Porter and Prime Minister Scott Morrision. Last week, Morrison said “”Any form of discrimination cannot and will not be tolerated by our government”.

“We already have in place laws that protect people from discrimination on the basis of their race, sex, age or disabilities.
“It makes sense that religion should be included so that Australians are free to live their lives in the way they choose to.”