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Eliminating Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

The road to eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace begins with the recruiting process.

Preventative Training

How to be proactive in managing your workplace behaviours.

Sharing Sexual Harassment Experiences

Most people don’t talk about their experiences of sexual harassment. Franca shares hers in the hope that those who don’t sexually harass others will realise what happens, those that have done it as a joke, realise humour doesn’t make it ok and those who have also experienced it feel like they can share their experiences.

Holding People To Account

If the motive for sexual harassment is about exerting power over another person, or based on a sense of entitlement that I can treat this person however I want, then this behaviour is harder to change through education alone and requires a workplace that lives out a zero tolerance approach through holding people to account.

Harmony Day

Harmony day was celebrated on 21st March. It coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. A good time to pause and reflect on what harm racial discrimination has caused and each of our contribution to being the change.

Behaviour in Parliament

What will it take for Parliament specifically and workplaces generally to create an environment where they do care, you can tell and you will be supported.

Underperformance Management

Circles of Human-ness/Judgement.

Underperformance Management

Core Identity.

Underperformance Management

Delivering Bad News: How to Set up the Conversation for Success.

Underperformance Management

How to Have a Difficult Conversation Well.

Underperformance Management

Breathing: Breathe deeply, make yourself and the other person a cup of tea!

Underperformance Management

Nonverbal Techniques: Credible or Approachable.

Underperformance Management

From Doing Nothing to Firing- How do you work out which one to use?

Underperformance Management

Using the I’ve noticed script.

Underperformance Management

Ways of Escalating Informal Performance Management.

Underperformance Management

Legal Bits: Disability, Bullying and Unfair Dismissal.

Managing Workplace Issues – Video 1 – Proactively Tracking Employees

Tracking your staff on a weekly basis and being proactive in addressing any possible work related issues.

Managing Workplace Issues – Video 2 – When to act and what to do with answers

How to set up a conversation with the complainant.

Managing Workplace Issues – Video 3 – Options for managing workplace issues

When you are resolving a workplace issue you have a range of useful informal options available to you.

Managing Workplace Issues – Video 4 – Duty of Care Requirements

Mentioning duty of care requirements at the beginning of a conversation.

Managing Workplace Issues – Video 5 – Conversation with the Respondent

Structure for the things you would want to cover off with the respondent.

Managing Workplace Issues – Video 6 – Natural Justice

The 4 over-arching principles of natural justice.

Employer Responsibilities

Franca shares some advice for the upcoming end of year/Christmas functions.

Having a Repair Conversation

What do we do after the conversation we had with someone went badly? Listen how to have a repair conversation with the person

Fact-Story Looping

In this video, Franca explains what Fact-Story Looping is. Watch here to find out more.

How to Stop the Fact – Story Looping

Franca gives you 4 options of what you can do to avoid the fact-story looping.

Principles of EEO Workshops – Video 1

In our EEO workshops, Franca teaches 5 over-arching principles, the first of which she discusses in this video. Stay tuned for a 2nd video which discusses the other 4 principles.

Principles of EEO Workshops – Video 2

In this second video, Franca discussed the remaining 4 principles she covers when conducting EEO workshops.

EEO Workshops

We love working with our partner The Experience Lab to deliver content which is both engaging and interactive. Watch this video to find out more.

Appropriate Vulnerability

Listen to Franca discuss appropriate vulnerability and why she thinks it’s something important for managers to do with their employees.

Workplace Banter

When is banter just banter and ok and when does it cross the line into bullying? A great question which Franca answers in the video below.

The I’ve Noticed Script

One of the skills I teach employees to be able to do when they have a problem with a work colleague is to have a low level curious conversation with the colleague about their behaviour.

Separating the person from the problem

You may have heard the concept- separate the person from the problem and focus on the problem. Watch Franca discuss the concept here.

Types of factors that contribute to workplace issues

It’s important that when an employer is addressing a problem situation, they look at all the factors that contributed to the situation arising in order to come up with a wholistic solution to ensure the situation will not occur again.

Duty of care always trumps confidentiality

What do you do when an employee comes to you and wants to tell you what is happening at work but as soon as you explain your duty of care requirements that shut down?

Complaint Management Policy and Procedure

Hear Franca explain why a detailed Complaint Management Policy and Procedure is essential for all workplaces.

Informal Options for Managing Workplace Issues

If only you knew how many informal options there are for managing workplace issues- listen and find out about them.

Limited Confidentiality

How does a manager let an employee know they may have to do something to stop someone acting inappropriately even if the employee doesn’t want them to?

Creating a Support Network

It is so important to find and create your own support network, especially when you are wanting to implement change in your life.

Duty of Care

Duty of care always trumps confidentiality.

Grievance Officer vs an Investigator

What is the role of a grievance officer vs an investigator?

Informal Options

Informal options for managing workplace issues.

“Private” Conversations

How to avoid being stopped in the hallway to have a ‘private’ conversation with someone.

The Australian Legal Profession

Call to the Legal Profession to step up and become leaders in the area of best practice around eliminating workplace sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination.

Is it a “live” issue?

What do you need to find out from the complainant, in order to assess if the issue is a ‘live’ issue?

How to Manage Workplace Issues

Some tips for people in a supervisory position on how to manage potentially inappropriate workplace behaviours.

Grievance Management

Informal vs Formal Grievance Management: What is the difference?

Workplace Contact and Grievance Officers

What is the difference between a workplace Contact Officer and a workplace Grievance Officer? Listen to Franca explain it here.

Closing the Communication Loop

When a witness tells a manager that they have seen something inappropriate happen at work it is so important that a manager closes the communication loop with the witness- here’s how a manager can do this.

Mood Framework

Our mood and emotions are a precursor to our actions. Listen to Franca explain that in more detail.

Shifting Moods

How can you shift yourself or someone else out of a destructive mood? Franca shares some insights from an Ontological Coaching perspective.

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What’s Been Happening in Australia in Relation to Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying from 08 April 2024 – 14 April 2024

First Successful Safework NSW Prosecution for Discriminatory Conduct Under The WHS Act Employers will be familiar with Australia’s anti-discrimination laws. However, a lesser-known protection that often falls under the radar is in the anti-discrimination provisions of work health and safety legislation. In this case, SafeWork NSW succeeded in what appears […]

Unlawful Behaviour – Assessing the true impact on your organisation

In an ideal world, workplaces are meant to be safe spaces where individuals can collaborate, innovate and thrive. However, unlawful behaviour related to sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying can have a major impact on this environment.

The true cost can extend beyond financial and legal consequences. The Australian Human Rights Commission states that the fallout can include increased absenteeism, higher employee turnover, lower morale, decreased productivity, and management time lost in dealing with issues.

Unlawful behaviour in Australian workplaces is more prevalent than you might imagine. A recent report released by Lloyd’s Register Foundation found that Australia has one of the highest rates of workplace violence and harassment in the world, with an average of 49.1% (compared to 21% globally). There is clearly much we all need to do to make workplaces in Australia safer.