Underperformance Management

Underperformance Management course enables managers and supervisors to know when and how to hold staff to account and to hopefully skill staff up to be able to do the work required or know when and how to legally terminate their employment. This is a great course that balances the legal requirements of how to performance manage an employee with the best skills on when and how to do it.


In an engaging, content rich, practical workshop, managers will learn the process for performance managing staff both in relation to the legal framework and the skills required to have the conversations. There is the option of the use of professional actors in the afternoon to allow opportunity for the participants to practice the content learnt in the morning.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed and customised for each client to provide training, resources and support for managers who are responsible for managing under-performing staff.

Course Description

This full day workshop is run in-house to educate and skill up managers to legally and skilfully manage under-performing staff.

What you will learn

  • The 5 Circles of Humanness and why an employee reacts negatively when you talk about their work performance
  • The 3 main core identify issues that are triggered when a negative comment is made about a person and how this effects a person’s ability to hear what you are saying
  • What to do when emotions ‘get in the way’ of addressing the issues
  • Why feedback is so hard to deliver and receive and what you can do to improve both
  • The three types of feedback and knowing when and how to deliver each
  • How to use your non-verbal’s to effectively deliver bad news
  • Roadblocks to listening and understanding each other
  • A new model for active listening
  • Your Organisation’s Performance Management Process
  • How to assess whether to go informal or formal
  • What notes to take and when
  • The skills of having a difficult conversation involving underperformance
  • How to take care of yourself while managing a difficult process
  • The extra legal requirements when performance managing someone who has a disability or suspected disability

You will also get

  • A 58 page A4 resource manual
  • Skilled managers who know what the process is in relation to performance management and how to follow it
  • 6 Months support by a legal practitioner post the course
  • Access to weekly emails explaining current caselaw

What people say about this course

CathySchool of Special Educational Needs: Sensory

Excellent! Thank you so much for the ‘non-invasive’ style/format of presentation and instruction. Learn so much more through observation and discussion, than by listening alone”.

Scott MillarIT Support Officer – Bluewaters Power

Very informative and well presented – interactive activities helps with understanding the content.

Ray FairweatherA/Manager Governance and Risk, City of Greater Geraldton

Excellent, I would recommend this to others.

Kirsty HarperAdministration, City of Greater Geraldton

I found it was very informative and entertaining. The activities helped you stay aware and take in the information.

Isobel DalleyRecords Coordinator, Town of Cottesloe

The reasonable person aspect is really good as usually we go by our own interpretation.

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