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In-Person workshop group discussionEEO Specialists offers a range of in-person workplace behaviour workshops. These are informative, engaging, and memorable ways to train your managers and employees effectively.

Employee Training: All employees are required to be educated about behaviours related to sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying. In addition, all state and local governments and statutory bodies must have a Code of Conduct, in accordance with the WA Public Sector Commission. Educating your staff in relation to this Code of Conduct is part of ensuring they are aware of and abide by it.

Manager Training: Managers and supervisors have an extra duty of care to provide a safe workplace. They and their employers can be held legally responsible if they permit unlawful behaviour to occur. Knowing how and when to hold someone to account is what our workshop is about.

Managers are responsible for enabling their staff to operate at an acceptable level of competence and performance. When an employee falls below the accepted level, the manager has the responsibility to performance manage the employee. This workshop teaches managers when and how to do it in an effective and legally sound manner to achieve positive results and to minimise unfair dismissal claims.

Developing Productive Working Relationships: Workplaces exist to get things done effectively through good conversations and relationships. So, effective communication is essential to work efficiently and collaboratively. This workshop takes a fresh look at how to communicate effectively.

Grievance Officer Training: Large organisations generally have people that employees can approach to discuss and resolve workplace issues. These people are called grievance officers and our two-day workshop trains participants to conduct an effective investigation following the legal principles of natural justice.

Grievance Officer Training: Large organisations also give their staff access to an Employee Assistance Provider (EAP) and/or a contact officer within the organisation. A contact officer is a person trained to provide support, information and options for a person who has a workplace issue and is unsure what to do about it and wants to have a confidential conversation about it. Our one-day workshop is designed to skill up employees to become a contact officers.

Corporate Theatre: If you want something different to engages your staff and get them to think about their actions, we have two interactive plays. One on workplace bullying and the on sexual harassment Participants get to watch the drama unfold, question the characters, and influence the outcome of their behaviours, while learning about the complexities of bullying or sexual harassment.

Presenting an In-Person Workshop

What people say

Sean MooneyBoilermaker - Kimberley Ports Authority

Very well structured.

Vanessa Godfrey Finance - Kimberley Ports Authority

Thanks Franca, always informative and entertaining.

Tim SadwerStoreman - Kimberley Ports Authority

Well presented & relevant

Stacey VeitchFinance Officer - Kimberley Ports Authority

The encouragement to speak out and interact with other departments was valuable

Carlee RyanMarine & Systems Superintendent – Kimberley Ports Authority

Great, training is so interactive & encourages people to work outside usual work groups.

Sharon HaswellFinancial Accountant – Kimberley Ports Authority

Very well presented. Made it interesting and easy to understand.

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