Please politicians be quiet!

Yesterday I wrote an article about Abbott’s inappropriate comments regarding one of his candidates. In the article I mentioned that it wouldn’t have mattered who said it, it was the comment I was objecting to regardless of the political leader.

Who would have thought that so little time would need to have passed before I was able to make a comment about a political leader from the other side. But yes, just yesterday, former Labor Leader, Mark Latham made an equally inappropriate comment.

be quiet! megaphone

when interviewed about the Abbott comment Mr Latham said that Mr Abbott had only said Ms Scott had sex appeal to win her votes with men and that she was plain looking. Ouch!! Not nice, not necessary and not appropriate.

My mum, Sylvia, had another great saying that comes to mind about now and would be good for all people to heed and that is,

“if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”