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At EEO Specialists we understand that it can be challenging to provide in-person training to all managers and employees. In order to help employers comply with their legal responsibility to educate all staff about unlawful workplace behaviours, we offer the following online courses via our sister company Online Compliance Training:

These legally sound and effective online courses can be delivered via our Learning Management System – Learnworlds. They can also be imported into your organisation’s  Learning Management System if it is SCORM compliant.

Each online course is approximately 20 minutes in length, easy to understand, has an assessment component. They will have your staff, contractors, volunteers or members compliant quickly and effectively for a little as $10 per course.

The online system will give you complete digital records of who has completed the training, when it was completed, and assessment scores. This information is essential to demonstrate that an employer has taken all reasonable steps to educate their staff.

If you would like a free demo, please call Franca Sala Tenna on 0405 134 187 or email 

For more than 50 staff, contact us for special pricing.

Public Courses

Our next public courses in Perth are as follows:

Contact Officer Workshop

Date: 20th August 2024
Venue: Virtual
Course Information »

Grievance Officer Workshop

Date: TBC
Venue: TBC
Course Information »

Grievance Officer Report Writing Workshop

Course Information »

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