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At EEO Specialists, our mission is to create safe and respectful workplaces. We do this via engaging and effective training workshops as well as online courses via our sister organisation Online Compliance Training Australia.

In addition, we advocate for workplace behaviour and compliance by providing complimentary resources, and spreading the word via media, social media and our marketing collateral. This page includes some of our media coverage.

In the context of strict workplace behaviour laws, is it still ok to laugh at work? Franca Sala Tenna, workplace behaviour and compliance expert, shares her insights in this extract from a ‘My Warm Table’ podcast with Sonia Nolan.

Franca Sala Tenna, Founder and Director of EEO Specialists , joined The West Australian’s Live Podcast to explain the new workplace behaviour laws which came into force on 12 December  12, 2023.

Take a few minutes to listen in to what this means for you and your workplace. A key message is that training is imperative as part of the new proactive duty for employers.

Sonshine FM hosted Franca Sala Tenna on Table Talk with Johanna Pillay. Franca talks about workplace behaviour and compliance, advice to leaders, corporate theatre experiences, as well as her commitment to philanthropy.

Sonia Nolan hosts Franca Sala Tenna in her My Warm Table podcast. Franca shares her insights about unlawful workplace behaviour, the impact of changes in legislation, what employers can do to ensure compliance, behaviour after work hours, can we still laugh at work, and more.

If you would like to have a confidential discussion about workplace behaviour training and compliance, please call Franca Sala Tenna on 0405 134 187 or email