Legislative Overview

This workshop is ideal for leaders and leadership teams.

Historically safety laws related to physical safety and were managed by the ‘safety team’ and EEO laws related to how people treated each other and were managed by HR. This has now changed with the new WHS Act and related Codes of Practice and the new Respect at Work Act.

In addition, all directors, and officers (defined broadly) of an organisation must exercise due diligence in relation to safety and must demonstrate they have taken reasonable and proportionate measures to eliminate sexual harassment, sex-based harassment, hostile workplace environment, gender discrimination and victimisation.


Are you aware of how the WHS/EEO laws have changed in the last two years? What your responsibilities as a senior leader to know, understand and apply these changes? This half or full day session clearly explains how WHS/EEO laws have changed, what the changes look like at an executive level and on the ground and how to be compliant in both.

Who is this workshop for?

This is an essential workshop for anyone in a senior leadership position such as the CEO, COO, CFO, GM, Executive Officers, Directors, and any other senior leader who has control/decision making power over part or all of the running of the organisation.

Workshop Description

This half or full day session provides an overview of the compliance requirements as outlined in the WHS Act and related Codes of Practice, the old but current EEO requirements under, ‘all reasonable steps’ and the new requirements under the Respect at Work positive duty guidelines.

What you will learn

  • Legislative overview in relation to the laws related to how people treat each other (from a safety and EEO perspective, especially the new definitions of sex-based harassment and hostile workplace environment.)
  • How the WHS legislation/regulations/codes interact with the EEO Laws related to workplace behaviours.
  • The requirements under the Respect at Work Act 2022 (Cth) and the positive duty guidelines.
  • The extra legal requirements for Directors and Officers under the WHS Act 2020 (WA)
  • Overview of what your managers/supervisors will learn and what questions you can ask them from an accountability perspective.
  • Duty of care and what happens to confidentiality because of this.

You will also get

  • Risk Audit Tool to check if your organisation is compliant with current legislation.
  • An outline of what you are doing in relation to the requirements.
  • Facilitated discussion around any gaps and how to address these.
  • Access to valuable resources in the EEO Compliance Hub.

What people say about this workshop


Great learning material, quite a dry and legislative subject made interesting andunderstandable.


Really appreciate the way definitions and legislations were explained.


Franca’s communication style is outstanding. She conveyed the legal requirements very well and was very enthusiastic and entertaining.


Great facilitator and examples on real life scenarios. Very worthwhile sessions to assist teams and organisations in understanding role and requirements of changes of Act.


Incredibly important information delivered in a professional, concise and interactive format.

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