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Australian Human Rights Commission Set the Standard Report

Hot off the press is the Set the Standard: Report on the Independent Review into Commonwealth Parliamentary Workplaces. You can hear more about this in my video blog.

Making Sense of The Respect@Work Changes

Franca talks through the various definitions and helps to make sense of the Respect@Work changes.

An Overview of the Respect@Work Act

Are you wondering what the Respect@work Act means for you from a compliance perspective? Franca answers your questions here.

Reactions to Workplace Issues

Franca shares some ideas on how to be an active participant in your workplace.

Respect At Work Bill

Good news! The Federal Respect At Work bill has now been passed by Parliament and is likely to come into effect in the next couple of weeks.
There is one part of the changes in legislation that I think is significant and fills a legal gap and that is sex based harassment. Watch the video to find out more.

Online Compliance Training

Online Module for Workplace Bullying

Online Module for Workplace Discrimination

Online Module for Workplace Sexual Harassment

Speech by The Honourable Justice Peter Quinlan Chief Justice of Western Australia

The recent speech of The Honourable Justice Peter Quinlan Chief Justice of Western Australia at an event of ours last week has left me feeling encouraged. There is a wave of change that is happening across Australia in relation to finally seeing and responding to sexual harassment.

Sexually Suggestive Poster

A recent case involving a sexually suggestive poster is one example of a shift I am seeing in Australia in relation to the way courts are addressing workplace sexual harassment.

BlueScope Steel Discrimination Exemption

I want to give a shout out to BlueScope Steel for going through the legal process to get a discrimination exemption which will allow it to prioritise the recruitment of female workers. With only 12% of its workforce female, it is wanting to proactively target the employment of women in an attempt to address previous historical practices and unconscious bias.

Training For Australian Parliaments

I have just read the tender documents for the training to be rolled out across Australian parliaments. I work in the space of behavioural change related to sexual harassment and bullying. I have spent 13 years in this space and I can tell you that a 1 hr, non-compulsory session to MP’s will achieve very little towards changing the culture in Parliament.

Risk Profile Tool

If you want to be proactive in addressing possible sexual harassment issues in your workplace and be involved in partnering with us to change behaviours for the better, then contact Franca to find out more about our 10 question Risk Profile Tool.

Social Media Policy and Code of Conduct

Franca discusses how a recent case highlights the importance of employers having a detailed Social Media Policy and Code of Conduct.

Workers Compensation Claims

Franca discusses the new data from Safe Work Australia related to substantiated workers’ compensation claims involving mental stress.

AHRC Review

The Australian Human Rights Commission’s Independent Review into Commonwealth Parliamentary Workplaces is now open for submissions until 31 July 2021.

The Australian Legal Profession

Call to the Legal Profession to step up and become leaders in the area of best practice around eliminating workplace sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination.

Behaviour in Parliament

What will it take for Parliament specifically and workplaces generally to create an environment where they do care, you can tell and you will be supported.

Harmony Day

Harmony day was celebrated on 21st March. It coincides with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. A good time to pause and reflect on what harm racial discrimination has caused and each of our contribution to being the change.

Holding People To Account

If the motive for sexual harassment is about exerting power over another person, or based on a sense of entitlement that I can treat this person however I want, then this behaviour is harder to change through education alone and requires a workplace that lives out a zero tolerance approach through holding people to account.

Sharing Sexual Harassment Experiences

Most people don’t talk about their experiences of sexual harassment. Franca shares hers in the hope that those who don’t sexually harass others will realise what happens, those that have done it as a joke, realise humour doesn’t make it ok and those who have also experienced it feel like they can share their experiences.

Preventative Training

How to be proactive in managing your workplace behaviours.

Eliminating Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

The road to eliminating sexual harassment in the workplace begins with the recruiting process.

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First Successful Safework NSW Prosecution for Discriminatory Conduct Under The WHS Act Employers will be familiar with Australia’s anti-discrimination laws. However, a lesser-known protection that often falls under the radar is in the anti-discrimination provisions of work health and safety legislation. In this case, SafeWork NSW succeeded in what appears […]

Unlawful Behaviour – Assessing the true impact on your organisation

In an ideal world, workplaces are meant to be safe spaces where individuals can collaborate, innovate and thrive. However, unlawful behaviour related to sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying can have a major impact on this environment.

The true cost can extend beyond financial and legal consequences. The Australian Human Rights Commission states that the fallout can include increased absenteeism, higher employee turnover, lower morale, decreased productivity, and management time lost in dealing with issues.

Unlawful behaviour in Australian workplaces is more prevalent than you might imagine. A recent report released by Lloyd’s Register Foundation found that Australia has one of the highest rates of workplace violence and harassment in the world, with an average of 49.1% (compared to 21% globally). There is clearly much we all need to do to make workplaces in Australia safer.