Employee Workshop for EEO

All employers have the responsibility to educate their employees about their legal rights and responsibilities in relation to harassment, discrimination and bullying in the workplace. By employees attending this Employee Workshop, Employers can minimise their liability by demonstrating they are taking reasonable steps to prevent their employees from doing anything contrary to the Equal Opportunity Act.


In a unique, fun, interactive approach that has even the toughest audience engaged, your staff will learn what is discrimination, sexual harassment and bullying and examples of non-acceptable behaviours across a broad range of workplace contexts. The result is that they leave better informed of what they can’t do and what the consequences are if they cross the line.

Who is this course for?

This course is specifically designed to educate ALL employees about their rights and responsibilities under the Equal Opportunity Act and related legislation. If you are new to your organisation or you have never received information about EEO requirements then this course is for you. Regular training on the subject is also recommended and on average should be done every 2-3 years.

Course Description

This half day workshop is run in-house to educate and inform employees about the laws in relation to harassment, discrimination and bullying. People are provided with relevant case examples of when others crossed the line and ended up in court. They are also informed of what to do if they are a victim and what their organisation’s policies are.

What you will learn

  • Knowledge about what discrimination, harassment and bullying are and therefore what is unacceptable behaviour
  • An understanding of your personal risk in relation to these issues
  • An understanding of what to do if you are a victim of these types of behaviours
  • An understanding of what to do if someone has made a complaint about you
  • An understanding of how complaints are managed in your workplace
  • Knowledge of where to go for information, advice and support

You will also get

  • A resource book
  • The ability to know what is unlawful workplace behaviour and what you can do about it in your workplace
  • Better informed staff who cannot plead ignorance in relation to future unlawful behaviour

What people say about this course

Laura HunterManager Strategy and Governance - Public Sector Commission

Excellent workshop, facilitator and actors were highly engaging and the content was tailored and applicable to our organisation.

Sue Martins Manager Workforce Policy and Practice - Public Sector Commission

Excellent facilitation style, very interactive and unique. As a former trainer, I found it excellent & refreshing. It really embraces adult learning.

Jane MachinEverill – Public Sector Commission

Really interesting way to approach what could be quite a dry or confronting topic. Good that there was no role playing by us as participants – so it was safe.

Nathan SmithSCSO – Teacher’s Registration Board of Western Australia

The program was entertaining, informative & challenging. You truly made us engage w/the situation.

Joanna Rosa-DlitkowskiAccounts Assistant – Jera Australia

Very well delivered, interesting, fun, informative, easy to understand, real life examples.

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