EEO Workshops

Definition of Discrimination

Franca mentioned that when going through the video library there were a few videos that said video unavailable – can you please find them and get them back up?

6 Easy to learn principles

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation speech is the perfect example of why people sometimes accidentally cross the line and say and do things that are inappropriate and unlawful.

Our Dobbing Culture

Workplace culture is just the collection of all the things we say and do at work. When you see a colleague do something inappropriate in the workplace, it is both for that colleagues’ benefit and for the benefit of the workplace as a whole that you do something about it.

Power Imbalance

As sexual harassment allegations continue to flow out of parliament, we look at a key factor involved in many sexual harassment cases, power imbalance.

Larrikin or Larry Can’t?

This play explores why good people sometimes get it wrong and cross the line into sexual harassment.

Workplace Banter

When is banter just banter and ok and when does it cross the line into bullying? A great question which Franca answers in the video below.

EEO Workshops

We love working with our partner The Experience Lab to deliver content which is both engaging and interactive. Watch this video to find out more.

Principles of EEO Workshops – Video 1

In our EEO workshops, Franca teaches 5 over-arching principles, the first of which she discusses in this video. Stay tuned for a 2nd video which discusses the other 4 principles.

Principles of EEO Workshops – Video 2

In this second video, Franca discussed the remaining 4 principles she covers when conducting EEO workshops.

Fact-Story Looping

In this video, Franca explains what Fact-Story Looping is. Watch here to find out more.

How to Stop the Fact – Story Looping

Franca gives you 4 options of what you can do to avoid the fact-story looping.

Having a Repair Conversation

What do we do after the conversation we had with someone went badly? Listen how to have a repair conversation with the person

What’s Been Happening in Australia in Relation to Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying from 08 April 2024 – 14 April 2024

First Successful Safework NSW Prosecution for Discriminatory Conduct Under The WHS Act Employers will be familiar with Australia’s anti-discrimination laws. However, a lesser-known protection that often falls under the radar is in the anti-discrimination provisions of work health and safety legislation. In this case, SafeWork NSW succeeded in what appears to be the first prosecution for discriminatory conduct under the NSW safety laws. The District Court of New South Wales accepted that an employee had been discriminated against under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW) (WHS Act) when he was stood down after exercising his rights as a workplace health and safety representative. At the time, the employee, Mr Seremetidis (the Employee), was a high lift truck driver and an elected health and safety representative (HSR) working for […]

Unlawful Behaviour – Assessing the true impact on your organisation

In an ideal world, workplaces are meant to be safe spaces where individuals can collaborate, innovate and thrive. However, unlawful behaviour related to sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying can have a major impact on this environment.

The true cost can extend beyond financial and legal consequences. The Australian Human Rights Commission states that the fallout can include increased absenteeism, higher employee turnover, lower morale, decreased productivity, and management time lost in dealing with issues.

Unlawful behaviour in Australian workplaces is more prevalent than you might imagine. A recent report released by Lloyd’s Register Foundation found that Australia has one of the highest rates of workplace violence and harassment in the world, with an average of 49.1% (compared to 21% globally). There is clearly much we all need to do to make workplaces in Australia safer.