Create Psychosocial Safety in Your Workplace

WHS laws state that employers (PCBU) are responsible to address and protect their workers from psychosocial hazards in the workplace such as fatigue, burnout and traumatic events. Good quality stress reduction and wellbeing training in the workplace is a key strategy to meeting these health and safety regulations. We provide actionable strategies to manage these hazards.


Do you have people in your team who are stressed out and under performing? Did you know that employers have a legal responsibility to manage any risks to wellbeing in the workplace? This course equips people to identify when they are at risk, even more importantly, what to do about it.

Who is this course for?

This is an essential course for anyone who experiences stress at work. It helps managers understand their Duty of Care and helps employees understand their personal responsibility in managing their own wellbeing.

Course Description

In a fun, full, engaging, hands on session, participants are taken through all of the key factors to consider when managing psychosocial safety in the workplace. They are given the basic tools to create personal resilience and psychological safety at work.

What you will learn

  • The fundamentals of creating internal psychosocial safety
  • The fundamentals of creating external psychosocial safety within the workplace culture
  • A basic understanding of brain chemistry and how to manage the human stress response
  • The science of burnout and how to create conditions to promote resilience and productivity.

You will also get

  • A tailored program to support your teams needs
  • Useful checklists for assessing your risk
  • A tool kit of strategies to improve wellbeing
  • A cheat sheet of key learnings

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