Corporate Theatre Experiences

These unique interactive theatre experiences provide a creative alternative for workplaces to educate their staff about appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviours and the consequences. It works well with a small group right up to a conference size audience.

Workplace Behaviours Play

The Life of Riley is an interactive, theatre-based play which allows an array of unlawful workplace behaviours to be explored by participants. The audience sees the behaviours the manager, Riley, must address, how he manages them (usually poorly), and they have the opportunity to help him to do a better job.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Play

“Larrikin or Larry Can’t?” is an interactive theatre experience related to workplace sexual harassment. The play allows the participants to challenge what they see, discuss with other participants what is happening, ask the characters questions and even modify the characters poor behaviours, live.

Workplace Bullying Play

Much Ado About Hector is an interactive, theatre based play, which allows the complexities of workplace bullying to be explored by participants. The audience sees the behaviours unfold before their eyes, and has the opportunity to influence the actions of the characters as the story unfolds.

Workplace Disability Play

Connor’s Hard Work is an interactive theatre experience about workplace disability and how to navigate the complexity of it and support employees legally and ethically.

This play can be performed as a stand-alone experience up to 2 hrs in duration, or it can be incorporated into the half day EEO & Anti-bullying workshop. The aim is to provide an engaging, impactful alternative for employees from the often dry, power-point presentation related to sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying.