Contact & Grievance Officers

Contact Officer – Video 1 – What the role of a Contact Officer is

What you can and can’t do as a Contact Officer.

Contact Officer – Video 2 – Informal vs formal

The 6 questions to assess the most suitable option for the complainant/organisation to take.

Contact Officer – Video 3 – What is the best option?

Narrowing down to one or two of the “best” options.

Contact Officer – Video 4 – I’ve Noticed Script

A script the complainant can use if they decide to approach the respondent.

Contact Officer – Video 5 – Structure of a conversation with a Complainant

Covering off the information necessary at the beginning, middle and end of the conversation with the complainant.

Contact officer – Video 6 – Speaking with the Respondent

Your role is to be available to speak to the respondent also.

Contact Officer – Video 7 – Natural Justice

The 4 over-arching principles of natural justice.

Workplace Contact and Grievance Officers

What is the difference between a workplace Contact Officer and a workplace Grievance Officer? Listen to Franca explain it here.

Grievance Officer vs an Investigator

What is the role of a grievance officer vs an investigator?

Unlawful Behaviour – Assessing the true impact on your organisation

In an ideal world, workplaces are meant to be safe spaces where individuals can collaborate, innovate and thrive. However, unlawful behaviour related to sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying can have a major impact on this environment. The true cost can extend beyond financial and legal consequences. The Australian Human Rights Commission states that the fallout can include increased absenteeism, higher employee turnover, lower morale, decreased productivity, and management time lost in dealing with issues. Unlawful behaviour in Australian workplaces is more prevalent than you might imagine. A recent report released by Lloyd’s Register Foundation found that Australia has one of the highest rates of workplace violence and harassment in the world, with an average of 49.1% (compared to 21% globally). There is clearly much we all need to do to […]

What’s Been Happening in Australia in Relation to Sexual Harassment, Discrimination and Bullying from 01 April 2024 – 07 April 2024

Female Tradies in Australia Changing Their Names To Get Job Interviews Because: “We Don’t Hire Women and We’re Not Going to Interview You” Female tradies in Australia are altering their names to appear more masculine in an attempt to land an interview with a potential employer, according to reports. Hacia Atherton, Empowered Women in Trades chief executive and founder, shared with 9News the discrimination faced by women in traditionally male-dominated trade industries. “Some of these women have been calling over 30 employers trying to get an interview for vacancies that are being advertised and these women are actually being told: ‘We don’t hire women and we’re not going to interview you,’” she told 9News in an interview. “Gender doesn’t make you a good plumber or a bad plumber,” she told 3AW.[…..]