Franca Sala Tenna is a legal practitioner, educator and qualified Ontological Coach.

Jane Chilcott is an ex CEO, an HR Professional and a qualified Ontological Coach.

Franca Sala Tenna

What is Ontological Coaching?

Ontology is the study of being. Ontological Coaching works from the premise that as humans we ‘show up’ in three inter-related areas, namely our language, our moods and emotions and our body. When life is not working the way we want it to, then it can be because one or more of these three areas are resulting in us either seeing, thinking, feeling or acting in a certain way that is not helpful. The role of an Ontological Coach is to be an observer of the person being coached, to ask useful questions and to reflect back what they are seeing in order for the person who is being coached to change the way they are being to a more helpful way.

 Ontological Coach - EEO Specialists- Equal Opportunity Training Australia

Why use an Ontological Coach?

Often workshops provide useful content, but knowledge without application is wasted. However, even when knowledge is applied people can get stuck in a certain way of being and not be able to apply the knowledge learnt. A skilled coach is able to work with a person to identify where they are stuck and provide them with the tools to move on, in order to achieve the result they want.

How to Use an Ontological Coach?

The most common way that people engage Franca is by attending one of her courses related to being a manager and wanting to explore in more detail the application of the content. It is normally recommended to engage in 4 coaching sessions spread over 2 months, in order to obtain the best results.

What people say

Trish Daly Human Resources Adviser, Connectiv

It is my pleasure to enthusiastically recommend Jane Chilcott for her exceptional counselling / coaching skills. Jane has been an invaluable support to our team members, helping navigate through various professional and personal challenges. Her ability to create a safe and non-judgmental space enabling our team members to open up and share their concerns in an honest way. Jane’s unique style and exceptional communication skills are remarkable, she has an ability to bring our team members to understanding how an individual’s behaviour impacts not only their own lives but also the lives of those around them. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane with her unique coaching skills.

Tania WatersManager of Human Resources & Special Projects , Jackson McDonald

I am a current beneficiary of Franca’s coaching. I really enjoy each session but more importantly, I always come away with new insights and possibilities. Franca’s coaching is creating clarity in my thinking and a new sense of purpose, for which I’ll always be enormously grateful.

Angelique GerberAngelique Gerber Films

I’ve been catching up with Franca for several months and have found that every session is unique and focused on conversations that were so needed for that week. Most importantly, I’ve always finished each session with insightful suggestions of tools to help me move forward. After looking back, I can honestly see how much she has helped me discover truths and grow more in confidence. I highly recommend her sessions!

Gareth SpenceManager of Staffing and Human Resources, Scotch College

As an ontological coach Franca was able to develop my leadership style with a unique combination of looking both internally and externally to challenge my own perception of a situation and identify practical skills and strategies to communicate effectively. This combination has provided me with a more flexible approach to communication when working with my team and colleagues.

Franca’s unique style of coaching is personable, effective and most importantly deals with real life challenges in the workplace. It provides you with the skills and self-assurance to manage any situation confidently and effectively to ensure a positive outcome. This coaching is a must for anyone wishing to reflect on and enhance their leadership skills.”

Tamara CallaghanDiscern

“To date I have had two ontological coaching sessions with Franca, and I found them both profoundly useful. I found Franca a perfect mix of expert, compassionate and challenging and I got great results each time. I'm looking forward to working with her again soon.”

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