NSW Fire Brigade-don’t end up like them

I was horrified but not surprised when I read of the recent stories around the sexual abuse and bullying of firefighters in the NSW Fire Brigade. I have, unfortunately heard of similar stories in the police department (with officers being tazered by other officers) in the military, in prisons and in Local Government depots. I […]

Fair Work Commission-Only Genuine Complaints Please!

I conduct training in organisations who are proactive in educating their staff about what is appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviours. Usually at some point in the workshop, one of the participants asks the following question- “What happens if someone makes a false complaint?” The recent case of Hunter is a real example of the answer[…..]

It’s All About Bullying

If you were looking for it in the media then you would see that there is a lot being written about bullying. Of course there’s good reason for this to be so. A recent survey has just been released that states that 1 in 3 people are victims of workplace bullying- no surprise from where[…..]

Bullying …Standing Committee Recommendations

There is much attention in the world media as to the financial state of the globe and individual countries and more importantly predictions as to where the world is heading financially. I occasionally read them and conclude I am no wiser at the end of the article than the beginning, but I am sure, someone,[…..]