NSW Fire Brigade-don’t end up like them

I was horrified but not surprised when I read of the recent stories around the sexual abuse and bullying of firefighters in the NSW Fire Brigade. I have, unfortunately heard of similar stories in the police department (with officers being tazered by other officers) in the military, in prisons and in Local Government depots. I […]

Too Much Christmas Cheer can cause Workplace Problems

I was interviewed by the Sunday Times last week and they featured an article on the weekend talking about workplace Christmas parties. A lot of the article was talking about the cash strapped days of the GFC are gone and some companies are wanting to splash out and spend $100,000 on the standout Christmas event[…..]

Please politicians be quiet!

Yesterday I wrote an article about Abbott’s inappropriate comments regarding one of his candidates. In the article I mentioned that it wouldn’t have mattered who said it, it was the comment I was objecting to regardless of the political leader. Who would have thought that so little time would need to have passed before I[…..]

Is Sex Appeal a Relevant Factor for the Job?

Since when is sex appeal a reason to vote for a political candidate? According to Tony Abbott – right about now! Before you read the rest of this blog I want to say this. It wouldn’t have mattered to me which political leader made this comment, my response, this article, would be the same, the[…..]

Sexual Banter at work is alive and unwell!

Last week St John Ambulance ended up in the media for all the wrong reasons. Allegations surfaced of male paramedics sending sexually explicit images of themselves and suggestive text messages to female colleagues. About three weeks ago The Sunday Times interviewed me in relation to the display of sexual images in the workplace and what[…..]

Anyone want a love Contract?

I remember in my early days as a lawyer there were two other young lawyers I worked with who briefly had a relationship. It didn’t last long but some time after its ending the girl made a complaint that the guy was sexually harassing her and stalking her. If my workplace had got them to[…..]

Employers – How to Stop Christmas Party Pictures Going Viral

Posting pictures of inappropriate workplace Christmas antics can lead to disciplinary action at work. The problem is that often employees don’t realise that what they say and put on their private social media sites can be controlled by their employer. This is even more so when their employer does not have a social media policy[…..]