What’s been happening in Australia in relation to sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying from 06 May 2024 – 12 May 2024

Is raising your voice at a worker considered bullying? The Fair Work Commission (FWC) recently dealt with an application made by a worker for an anti-bullying order. The worker, an employee of Yarra City Council, contended that at various times from September 2023, he was subjected to bullying by his employer and its infrastructure manager. The […]

Fostering a Positive Work Environment in the Mining Industry

Amid Western Australia’s thriving economy, the mining sector stands as a cornerstone. Alongside its prosperity, concerns about mental health, workplace culture, and safety have prompted a concerted effort for improvement. In a significant proactive move, the Government of Western Australia unveiled the Mental Awareness, Respect, and Safety (MARS) Program on 11 December 2021, earmarking $8.4[…..]