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Employee Workshops

Chamara Dias, Main Roads WA

Charlotte is a very proficient presenter. Bringing in personal examples as well as examples of law. Very engaging.

Laura HunterManager Strategy and Governance - Public Sector Commission

Excellent workshop, facilitator and actors were highly engaging and the content was tailored and applicable to our organisation.

Sue Martins Manager Workforce Policy and Practice - Public Sector Commission

Excellent facilitation style, very interactive and unique. As a former trainer, I found it excellent & refreshing. It really embraces adult learning.

Jane MachinEverill – Public Sector Commission

Really interesting way to approach what could be quite a dry or confronting topic. Good that there was no role playing by us as participants – so it was safe.

Nathan SmithSCSO – Teacher’s Registration Board of Western Australia

The program was entertaining, informative & challenging. You truly made us engage w/the situation.

Joanna Rosa-DlitkowskiAccounts Assistant – Jera Australia

Very well delivered, interesting, fun, informative, easy to understand, real life examples.

Anne PuthikaranCount Manager – Crown Perth

Very good. The use of actors rather than a video example was very effective in engaging the team for contribution.

N DickinsonElectorate Officer - Department of the Premier & Cabinet

Fabulous, really well done – great research beforehand, great understanding of EO’s particular workplace – do more of this for EO staff.

Michelle AlvaroElectorate Officer – Central Wheatbelt – Department of the Premier & Cabinet

Very interesting and well presented. The use of actors was great – really got the point across. Extremely useful.

Maria PapavassiliouProject Officer – Department of Communities

Great exploration of sensitive topics in an easy to digest, non-confrontational format.

Narelle DarcyA/District Director – Department of Communities

10/10. Highly recommend for all agencies/organisations. Great delivery method. Loved how they kept us so engaged. Harriet was a star!!.

Anthony Molloy Head of Commercial – Health Engine

Learnt so much. Retained more with the interactive/acting presentation.

Benny MichaelsSoftware Engineer – Health Engine

I’ve never walked away from corporate training feeling entertained and informed before. It was great!.

Shannen BarrettCommunications Manager - InterGrain

Use of actors was really great. Facilitators were great – I never got bored!.

Dini GanesalingamResearch & Development Manager – InterGrain

Content was very well delivered; I’ve attended a few of these where you are talked at for an hour. So this format was amazing.

Jay ArentonPACT – Contracts Manager – ABN Group

Awesome session. Challenged me & helped me grow. Actor Barbara was great!.

Lynda MerrittExecutive Officer, SSWA - Department of Education, Statewide Services

Would love to see every work environment have access to this presentation. It was excellent. Thank you.

Leeanne BiemmiWeb & Events Officer, Leadership Institute – Department of Education, Statewide Services

Excellent PD – best I’ve attended in ages! So much better than ‘death by PowerPoint’ – loved the actors & not being dragged on stage to ‘role play’.

Tiff Marketing & Communications - School of Special Educational Needs: Sensory

Excellent way to get a message across where you are not ‘talked at’ for hours with a boring PowerPoint. A unique idea that should be used more often to portray messages.

Rebecca BrennanTeacher of the Deaf - School of Special Educational Needs: Sensory

What an outstanding and entertaining method of highlighting important issues in the workplace. Watching it as an outsider allowed us to respond without emotion and with a fair perspective.

Employee Workshop for Code of Conduct

Sean MooneyBoilermaker - Kimberley Ports Authority

Very well structured.

Vanessa Godfrey Finance - Kimberley Ports Authority

Thanks Franca, always informative and entertaining.

Tim SadwerStoreman - Kimberley Ports Authority

Well presented & relevant

Stacey VeitchFinance Officer - Kimberley Ports Authority

The encouragement to speak out and interact with other departments was valuable

Carlee RyanMarine & Systems Superintendent – Kimberley Ports Authority

Great, training is so interactive & encourages people to work outside usual work groups.

Sharon HaswellFinancial Accountant – Kimberley Ports Authority

Very well presented. Made it interesting and easy to understand.

Manager Workshops

Anezana Ammali-IvanovicWHS Coordinator, City of South Perth

This is outstanding training, we obtained great understanding and helpful tools in dealing with workplace behaviour.

Kylie GreensladeCustomer Experience Manager, DMIRS

I have attended a number of similar sessions in the past and this one was by far and away the best! Quite often at these types of sessions you are bombarded with higher level info/concepts that can be quite 'dry' and therefore go out of your head pretty quickly. The information at this session and the way it was presented, ensure it was engaging, practically useful and could be retained. Franca is a brilliant facilitator.

Cyril SharrockCoordinator Parks Services – City of Rockingham

Franca kept the group engaged throughout this workshop with a good mix of practical and written information.

Leanne SheardownProgram Coordinator - School of Special Educational Needs: Behaviour and Engagement

An exceptional workshop given how dry the content could be. You made it interactive, engaging and relatable.

Josette HamiltonSchool Psychologist – School of Special Educational Needs: Behaviour and Engagement

Fabulous presentation – enjoyable & engaging with content relevant to current workplace issues. Interactive, useful.

Shane HarrisDeputy Chief Bush Fire Control Officer – Cockburn - Department of Fire and Emergency Services

After today I better understand how to manage workplace issues and also understand my obligations as a manager.

Elizabeth Clifford Mgr. Performance & Reporting - Department of Fire and Emergency Services

I did similar training several years ago but the difference in relevance, delivery, knowledge and course material is positively staggering. Everyone should do this course.

Melvin LauNew Vehicle Sales Manager, DVG

Informative and eye opening. Good to know where the line is and the consequences of crossing it.

Joe MalliaService Manager, DVG

This course has opened my eyes to what could cause an issue within the workplace not just DVG but anywhere.

Mark NeilSales Manager, DVG

Today gave me a better insight as to what the law describes reasonable behaviour.

Tom WardNew Vehicle Manager – Wanneroo, DVG

It was good and informative. Maybe all staff should attend this course to make sure everyone is on the same page on these issues.

Andrew DicksonManager Parks Services, City of Nedlands

Great insight into the legal framework and the responsibilities of Managers/Supervisors in the workplace, and specifically inappropriate behaviours in the workplace.

Jennifer HeyesManager Strategy Planning, City of Nedlands

Very helpful, easy to understand.Practical exercises helpful.Enthusiastic presenter – easy to listen to – engaging.

Rajah SenathirajahManager Finance, City of Nedlands

Useful program clarifications on what are the responsibilities of managers/employer.

Maria HullsManager Engineering Services, City of Nedlands

Informative information which can be taken back to the workplace and used in real life scenarios.

Michelle CowleyManager, Townbeach Club Village, Cable Beach Resort

Really informative and relevant and fun. Not boring like a lot of day courses, lots of participant interaction and excellent information. Thank you.

Lisa KingHR Coordinator, Cable Beach Resort

I really enjoyed todays training session and find EEO a very interesting subject. Thank you – I will be able to apply these things to my job and the way I approach certain matters.

Scott CisffiAssistant Manager – Banquets, Cable Beach Resort

I enjoyed it thoroughly, good finally knowing how to deal with these situations and how to portray myself.

Lyndsy OlejnikFood and Beverage Supervisor, Cable Beach Resort

Franca made it fun, as well as educating and informative, great interaction with group, explaining legal terms and responsibilities in a way I understood.

Gillian McArdleResort Accountant, Cable Beach Resort

This course is essential for any company wishing to minimise risk and maximise their employee effectiveness.

Steve LoweManager Whiteman Park, Department of Planning

I found the content very helpful and relevant to my position and responsibilities.

Brod MeredithPlanning Manager, Department of Planning

Very informative and well presented. A complex issue that was well considered and presented.

Lisl Van AardeWA Department of Planning

Really informative & applicable but also scary, so many don’ts!!! Acutely aware now, of how many people are unaware of the implications of that which might be considered funny to some but not so much to others, etc.

Grievance Officer Workshops

Allison LooDiversity & Aboriginal Strategy Coordinator - DFES

Franca is an excellent presenter, very engaging & knowledgeable & encourages participation in a warm & welcoming way. Very approachable & great content.

Simon MiraudoGeneral Manager - RTRFM 92.1 The Sound Alternative

Invaluable insights and engrossing training. Highly recommended!

Caroline HillSenior HR Consultant – Metropolitan Cemeteries Board

Franca is very knowledgeable and her legal background adds another level to her ability to convey her expertise. She is very relatable, engaging and easy to listen to.

Chloe EganHuman Resources Officer - Shire of East Pilbara

For myself with no qualifications/actual experience with dealing with grievances, I found this program to be very informative and Franca was so supportive the whole way through. I would definitely do it again.

Paula OrrHuman Resources Coordinator - Shire of Manjimup

Very helpful to be able to reflect back on the role play to know what worked, what didn’t, what was remembered to include and what was missed.

Kate JohnstonHR Representative – Employee Relations

The course was a fit for purpose course which provided a good overview of the role of a GRO and share of best practices. The practical examples, role play, models shared were very helpful. Franca is very knowledgeable & engaging.

Tania WatersJackson McDonald – Manager of HR & Special Projects

“The training was thorough, informative, insightful and enjoyable”.

Rosemary JasperRisk Health & Safety Advisor – Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale

I highly recommend this course to managers not just Grievance Officers so they have some practical solutions to issues & how to solve them before they become biggies.

Glenda MartynPlanning and Development Admin Officer, City of Nedlands

I have really enjoyed today. I have gained a huge amount of knowledge and would love to learn more.

Phoebe HulgensA/Manager Corporate Services, City of Nedlands

Thorough, clear examples given, made learning easy.

Michelle KwanHuman Resources Officer, City of Nedlands

The program is informative and comprehensive.

Nalin DionIT Coordinator, City of Nedlands

Excellent program to learn and practice grievance management. Role-play on both investigator/complaint is very useful.

Andrew DicksonManager Parks Services, City of Nedlands

Very useful and insightful, however, a lot to take in. It would be good to check in again in 6 months to refresh.

Gabriela PoezynManager Strategic Planning, City of Nedlands

Excellent practice. Enjoyed the hands-on. Great info.

Contact Officer Workshops

Michelle VandenhelmManager Corporate Services – Department of Education

Franca is an engaging facilitator. I’ve never listened to Policy & Procedure that felt like 3 Hrs was 5 minutes before. I’m eager to learn more.

Daman SinghFinance Officer – SES Cockburn Unit - DFES

Franca is par excellence. The program was well presented. I didn’t feel sleepy throughout.

Monica StevenIndustrial Relations Officer - DFES

Very enjoyable, informative & useful. A great course which provides some amazing tools for a role as a contact officer and personally too! I love worked examples/templates – these help me learn well so the scripts/examples/checklists were fantastic.

BikashSettlement Officer – Perth Mint

Funny, very enthusiastic, helpful. Steps and process on how to be a contact officer was good.

Karyn BaileyBrand & Consumer Marketing Manager – Perth Mint

Franca was knowledgeable and an engaging presenter. She responded well to the group and made the course very interesting and enjoyable.

Julie HannahOrganisational Development Support Officer – Department of Treasury

Seamlessly facilitated course – Franca is a very inspiring facilitator – incredibly knowledgeable & down to earth.

Lisa MiddletonCIC – Department of Education

Absolutely brilliant. Should be mandatory for every staff member. Most informative PD course I have done in 8 yrs. Very relevant to the workplace.

Karen Tabner – Assoc. Principal.Donnybrook DHS/Substantive Principal Southern Cross DHS – Department of Education

Your passionate approach & in-depth knowledge has gone a long way towards clarifying my own understanding of how to work towards providing a safe & cohesive workplace”.

Geoff ClaytonProgram Coordinators – Department of Education

Extremely engaging, entertaining and educational. It provided practical support for me to support others.

Debra ReynoldsTeacher – Department of Education

Engaging & informative. Kept the interest levels up with variety & humour. Manual very organised & user friendly.

Karen EvansSite Administrator – Regis Resources

To the point, clear concise material. Entertaining & energetic facilitator.

Paul WalsheStore Person – Quadrant Energy

Great life tool & new way to challenge a conversation.

James WickensCoordinator Environmental Health – Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale

Found it very useful and recommend all contact officers to refresh now and then.

Matthew OggMarketing and Functions Coordinator – City of Bayswater

Got a lot out of it that can be used at work and in life, not just as a contact officer.

Paul Di GirolamiDevelopment Compliance Officer – City of Bayswater

Enjoyed the course, refreshing delivery to the subject and presenter is very knowledgeable.

Vesna OdakCompliance & Liaison Officer – GESB

Easy paced, interactive day that gives me the tools I can use in my role as a contact officer and day to day life.

Catherine McFarlaneHR Manager, Aquinas College

Franca is very knowledgeable and presented this PD in a very friendly inclusive manner. It was very informative.

Pam NormanStudent Services, MLC

Wonderfully interactive facilitator who delivered course that was easy to understand and kept me engaged.

Linda LiddiardEA to Head of Teaching and Learning, Guildford Grammar School

Moved along at a perfect pace, gave good examples and scenarios. Questions answered fully and comprehensibly.

Debbie ScottKindergarten Teacher, Penrhos College

A fabulous session. Very informative. Took me out of my comfort zone. Contact Officer booklet – a great resource. Thanks Franca. You are an amazing presenter.

Marilyn OrchardHR Coordinator

Informative session with practical tips for use in my role and just for in general support for the Contact Officers at the College. Boundaries and expectations of staff behaviour in the workplace to improve policies and procedures.

David YatesTeacher, PLC

Enjoyable presentation and information given. Made the whole process more understandable and indicated how effective it could be with good policies in place.

Sean EbertPenrhos College

Franca did a fantastic job – her enthusiasm, knowledge and overall demeanour turned what could have been a dry, boring topic and made a very interesting day.

Anna WalterMLC

Franca presented in a relaxed, entertaining and informative manner. Her legal background was useful and I feel comfortable and knowledgeable returning to my workplace as an EEO Contact Officer.

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