Inspiring “aha” moments to create safe and respectful workplaces.

At EEO Specialists, we aim to create safe and respectful workplaces by addressing issues related to sexual harassment, discrimination, and bullying. We offer a range of in-person training programs as well as online courses via our sister organisation – Online Compliance Training.

We have worked successfully with over 100 organisations to train more than 35,000 managers and employees in relation to appropriate workplace behaviours, and compliance with workplace legislation. We will be happy to do the same for you.

EEO Wraparound Service

Rather than facilitating training programs in isolation, we offer a Wraparound Service that includes understanding the circumstances of your organisation, developing a customised plan, facilitating comprehensive training, and providing ongoing support via the EEO Compliance Hub.

Our training content is legally sound and delivered by experienced, knowledgeable, and trained facilitators. We also use corporate theatre as a unique way to engage audiences effectively.


EEO and WHS Laws related to workplace behaviours have changed substantially in recent years. In addition, the Australian Human Rights Commission now has auditing and enforcement powers to assess compliance with Positive Duty to prevent unlawful workplace conduct.

Franca Sala Tenna – lawyer and acknowledged subject matter expert on workplace behaviours – has developed a unique RISK AUDIT TOOL to assess your organisation’s compliance with relevant workplace laws. This tool is available in the EEO Compliance Hub. Click here to request free access. 

Corporate Theatre Experiences

Our unique corporate theatre experiences offer an interactive way to engage workshop participants more effectively. Professional actors enact scenarios to highlight the impact of appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviours and the consequences. Audiences have consistently applauded this innovative approach.

Over 100 organisations have experienced the benefits of our proactive plans

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Kimberley Ports Authority
  • What an engaging and informative way to learn about unacceptable work place behaviours. The scenario played out like a real life case study. It certainly grabbed my attention the whole way through. I would genuinely recommend this training as it brings home the challenges in managing these difficult situations.

    Kate WilliamsKate WilliamsWorkforce Management Advisor, Department of Transport
  • I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday’s training. I know everyone thoroughly enjoyed the (contact officer) course. The course content was really interesting and informative and your delivery was wonderful and you made us all feel very comfortable. It is so nice and refreshing to see a trainer who is passionate about their subject and is so engaging with their audience.

    Roz DawsonRoz Dawson Safety Officer - Tronox Holdings
  • Franca is a fantastic facilitator, very engaging and knowledgeable – a great session and was able to target areas that we felt required attention amongst the team

    Jeremy NippsJeremy Nipps Partner in Charge – Cor Cordis
  • Guildford Grammar School has engaged the EEO specialists and the Experience lab to provide an interactive learning experience for all of our staff. They worked with us to customise an interactive play specifically for our environment around themes of workplace harassment, discrimination and bullying. We had some excellent feedback from our staff that the play was enjoyable and created some interesting conversation around the topics. Importantly I believe that the unique format was a powerful way to get our staff engaged in the subject matter.

    Kristy TeoKristy TeoDirector of Human Resources – Guildford Grammar School
  • “In February 2018, the City of Albany engaged EEO Specialists and The Experience Lab to conduct half day workshops with our staff about workplace harassment, discrimination and bullying.
    As part of these workshops a team of professional actors presented an interactive play about workplace sexual harassment that both engaged and educated staff. The level of positive feedback from the training has been overwhelming with many staff describing it as ‘the best training they have ever attended’.
    This training will have long term positive effects on our culture and assist in ensuring the City of Albany continues to be a great place to work. I would highly recommend this unique, entertaining and informative training to any organisation aiming for best-practice.”

    Michael ColeMichael ColeExecutive Director Corporate Services – City of Albany
  • We worked with Franca Sala Tenna from EEO Specialists to run Performance Management and EEO training, all of which we found to be really good and relevant. For the Manager training, she did some really interesting work around building understanding on how to effectively deliver ‘bad’ news to employees. This was a great way to get everyone on the same page and to help managers understand the process and how to manage it. The other group of training was the half day EEO workshops with all staff which was brilliant. Even the Ops staff only had really good things to say. All of the training had actors involved during the sessions, which was really good and made a big difference in helping everyone understand what they needed to do. I also found Franca really engaging and good to work with and the feedback on all of the sessions has been really positive.

    Leani SimpsonLeani SimpsonManager Human Resources – Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale
  • A most refreshing way of delivering dry content so that the sessions are not only informative, but also extremely enjoyable and interactive. Franca’s EEO training provides practical solutions to work issues before they escalate with each participant having the opportunity to get involved without being put in the spotlight. A definite first for me in my 20 years in HR.

    Gareth SpenceGareth SpenceManager of Staffing and Human Resources – Scotch College
  • "Shire of Mundaring has engaged the services of Franca Sala Tenna of EEO Specialists for a number of assignments. Franca has undertaken grievance investigations; delivered training for Shire grievance officers and contact officers; EEO awareness and workplace bullying training for all Shire employees; and assisted in the development of the Shire's grievance management policy.

    Franca is a highly proficient and knowledgeable practitioner. She is a thorough and professional investigator, whose reports have enabled me to competently handle delicate grievance complaints. Her presentation skills are exemplary: she delivers complex subject matter, including the requisite legal implications, with appropriate humour, pragmatism and a keen understanding of her audience (which ranges from senior staff to unskilled labour). In my opinion her training courses have always resulted in measurable skills improvement and enhanced understanding.

    Jonathan ThrossellJonathan ThrossellChief Executive Officer
  • The City engaged Franca to conduct an EEO training program for its employees, which included a management component. The feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive! Our staff described Franca as being extremely knowledgeable, insightful and an amazing facilitator. The presentations were engaging, informative and entertaining with staff now continually making reference to the program. Franca's professionalism and outstanding service would give me no hesitations in using Franca again.

    Sue Wiltshire, Manager Human Resources – City of Kwinana.Sue Wiltshire, Manager Human Resources – City of Kwinana.Sue Wiltshire, Manager Human Resources - City of Kwinana.
  • Wesley College recently engaged the services of EEO Specialists and the Experience Lab to present an interactive play on workplace bullying as a professional development session for all of our staff. Our staff really enjoyed the play as it was entertaining, interesting and educational. Staff and managers commented that it was a great way to learn about a dry topic in a humorous way. A manager said he had been stopping some inappropriate conversations and had heard other staff doing the same as a result of seeing the play. Franca is one of the best presenters I have seen being professional and knowledgeable but also adds humour to make it even more enjoyable. I would highly recommend EEO Specialists for any training or advice in the area of EEO

    Lil Watts, HR ManagerLil Watts, HR ManagerWesley College
  • I and the rest of the workforce believe the presentation to be useful & relevant to the Ports day to day operations and Franca relates to all levels of the workforce.

    Mal GowerMal GowerOperations Superintendent, KPA (Kimberley Ports Authority)
  • Excellent course, really well run and very engaging. Techniques and ideas that will be very helpful for the future. Thanks.

    Paul GoodleyPaul GoodleyCity of Nedlands
  • Franca did a fantastic job – her enthusiasm, knowledge and overall demeanour turned what could have been a dry, boring topic and made a very interesting day.

    Sean EbertSean EbertPenrhos College
  • Really informative & applicable but also scary, so many don’ts!!! Acutely aware now, of how many people are unaware of the implications of that which might be considered funny to some but not so much to others, etc.

    Lisl Van AardeLisl Van AardeWA Department of Planning
  • Very professional and presented well, very knowledgeable on legislation and combines this practically to real life scenarios.

    Daniel RowenDaniel RowenDVG
  • Very good presentation and encouragement to actively involve participants. Presenter demonstrated real occurrences to reinforce types of behaviours that may seem innocent but are actually not acceptable in a court of law.

    Dennis BroadDennis BroadMidwest Port Authority
  • Franca presented in a relaxed, entertaining and informative manner. Her legal background was useful and I feel comfortable and knowledgeable returning to my workplace as an EEO Contact Officer.

    Anna WalterAnna WalterMLC
  • The course was very good, the case studies were useful and recognising bullying/harassment or discrimination in the workplace is important in my role as a supervisor.

    Varles WickensVarles WickensShire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale
  • Program & training were very in-depth & knowledgeable. Franca was enthusiastic & delivered the material in a fun manner that helped with the understanding of the materials & content.

    Stacie HardingStacie HardingCable Beach Club Resort and Spa

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