Changing Behaviours for the Better


Workplace Sexual Harassment Play

“Larrikin or Larry Can’t?”

Have you wondered if your staff ever learn anything from the training sessions they attend? This experience will leave you knowing that they have not only learnt something but they have felt something and that this has translated into changed behaviours.

At EEO Specialists we are always thinking of new ways to make educating staff about equal opportunity and bullying issues, interesting, relevant and engaging.

We now have a play about Workplace Sexual Harassment, “Larrikin or Larry Can’t?

The interactive approach we take allows the participants to challenge what they see, discuss with other participants what is happening, ask the characters questions and even modify the characters poor behaviours, live.

This unique interactive theatre experience provides a creative alternative for workplaces to educate their staff about appropriate and inappropriate workplace behaviours and the consequences. It works well with a small group right up to a conference size audience.

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