Changing Behaviours for the Better


On-Line Modules

At EEO Specialists we understand that it can be difficult to provide in person training to staff. In order to help employers comply with their legal responsibility to educate all of their staff about the laws in relation to bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination we have created the following modules-

  • Equal Employment Opportunity & Anti-Bullying Laws (for all employees)
  • Sexual Harassment (for all employees)
  • Bullying (for all employees)
  • Discrimination (for all employees)
  • Managers Responsibilities (for managers only)

These modules have been purpose built via the Zulu eLearning Online Training & Induction but can also be delivered in existing Learning Management Systems.

Each module ranges from 10 – 20 minutes in length, is easy to understand and complete, has an assessment component and will have your staff, contractors, volunteers or members compliant in no time.

By using the on-line system you will have complete digital records of who has completed the training, when it was completed and how they scored in their assessment. This information is essential to demonstrate that an employer took all reasonable steps to educate its staff.In addition, Zulu Labs and EEO Specialists provide a range of extra support services depending on your requirements and quantity of modules subscribed:

To view one of our on-line modules please call Franca Sala Tenna on (08) 6102 4411.