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Grievance Officer Training Course

Time: 9am to 5pm – doors don’t open til 9am
Location: State Library, Perth Cultural Centre
Cost: $995+gst per participant, includes morning and afternoon tea and lunch, training manual


The purpose of this training program is to provide participants with the knowledge and practical skills to recognise, manage and resolve informal and formal grievances effectively.

Participants will learn the following-

  • What is harassment (sexual), discrimination and bullying- the legal definition and case examples
  • The structure of an effective complaint management process
  • The assessment of complaints as informal or formal
  • Effective questioning techniques
  • How to manage an informal complaint-templates provided and role-play
  • How to manage a formal complaint-detailed templates provided and full role-play
    interviewing a ‘complaint’ and a ‘respondent’
  • The principles of natural justice and how to apply them in an investigation
  • How to structure notes and how to write a witness statement
  • What confidentiality looks like in the context of an investigation
  • How to remain impartial and unbiased in your role as a grievance officer
  • When to outsource the investigation

Approach and methodology

The training approach is highly interactive and designed according to adult learning principles. It includes-

  • Practical exercises such as real case studies
  • Demonstrations and role plays involving participants
  • Presentation of the legal aspects through hypothetical stories

The Course is delivered over 2 days by a legal practitioner with over 20 years training experience.

What Previous Participants have said

Toni Burbridge

Coordinator Environment and Sustainability, Shire of Mundaring

I learnt to not ask “why” but to analyse the “what”. Franca is so energetic and knowledgeable and has an ability to make a non-exciting subject such as Legislation more glamorous.

Lisle Snyman

I found the information really valuable to use in day to day workplace situations, even just for my own benefit.

Chris Rollins

GM, Central City Health Practice

I found Franca to be knowledgeable and engaging on the topics surrounding the responsibilities of a Grievance Officer – I feel that I have gained very practicable knowledge.

Angus Morey

Manger of Planning, Shire of Mundaring

Franca provides really interesting examples of real life situations and practical ways of managing tricky problems.