Changing Behaviours for the Better


About us


At EEO Specialists we believe that most people don’t mean to offend, but they sometimes do because they don’t realise that what they just said or did was inappropriate. We want to minimise the impact of workplace problems by showing employees what to think about before they tell the funny but sexually inappropriate joke or before they play a trick on someone as “a joke”.

We enable people to think about their behaviours, not from their own perspective but from everyone else’s perspective. We like to do this by customising the training to your organisation, creating scenarios of things that ‘could happen’ at your workplace so people go away feeling like the information made sense to them.

Franca Sala Tenna is the non-lawyer’s lawyer! Legally qualified, she spends her time making sense of the law to people who need to understand it’s every day application. She is always looking for new and innovative ways to engage her audience, especially the hard to reach ones.

EEO Specialists aim is to bring a professional unique training experience to your workplace that equips your staff to better understand harassment, discrimination and bullying and how to effectively manage issues. Our job is to make legal and psychological concepts understandable and applicable in the workplace so that people think before they do something potentially unlawful.